Loose Threads – Eine neue World of Adventure von Evil Hat

In der neuen World of Adventure “Loose Threads” von Evil Hat verkörpern die Spieler Figuren einer Märchenwelt, die im Lauf der Geschichte in Vergessenheit geraten sind.
Es werden auf 42 Seiten settingspezifische Regelvarianten vorgestellt, Ideen für die Erschaffung eines Märchens in nicht-traditionellen Settings wie Raumstationen oder einer High-School und ein Beispielabenteuer ist auch enthalten.
Zu beziehen ist das ganze wie gewohnt als Pay what you want PDF über DriveThruRPG.

On the edges of fairy tales live members of the Company—collateral damage from someone else’s Happily Ever After.
Maybe their fairy godmother got lost on the way, or they failed to solve the riddle, or their siblings forgot to save them before riding off into the sunset. Now Company members live on the edges of tales and travel the In-Betweens, helping others like them who need rescuing from ogres, reversing of curses, and freedom from the evil clutches of bandits. People who the stories have forgotten. It’s difficult work, and every story must end eventually.
How will yours turn out?
Will you be a dashing damsel, a prince in distress, a charming witch, or something else new and interesting that breaks the mold? Find out in Loose Threads by Tara Zuber.
Loose Threads requires Fate Core to play. This 42-page supplement includes:

  • New aspect categories, including the Heart’s Desire, to create characters worthy of a fairy tale
  • A scaled tension aspect that allows characters to slide between two dueling ideas, states, or desires
  • A system for fairy tale favors—a new kind of boost
  • Ideas on how to create a fairy tale story in a non-traditional setting like a space station or a high school
  • A phase trio character creation adventure—Mr. Fox—and a sample adventure—Pecked to Death

Everyone has a tale to tell in Loose Threads. What’s yours?

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