The Three Rocketeers • A World of Adventure for Fate Core

Evil Hat veröffentlicht in beachtlicher Schlagzahl über das verlagseigene Patreon-Project Spielmaterial in Hülle und Fülle. Dabei mixen Sie nicht nur immer wieder interessante Genre sondern zeigen fast immer wie man mit Fate regelmechanisch umgehen kann. Diesmal ist es ein Fate Core Regelansatz ohne Fertigkeiten. The Three Rocketeers entführt uns in eine Pulp-Sci-Fi-Version der Drei Musketiere. Dank des angesprochenen Patreon-Modelles bekommt jederman das Setting als Bezahl-soviel-du-willst-Option via DriveThru.

Wer also Musketiere in Space spielen möchte sollte zuschlagen und vielleicht auch den ein oder anderen € investieren.


Journey through the Holy Roman Stellar Empire and the worlds of Britannica Solaria in this Fate World of Adventure by PK Sullivan! The Queen’s enemies may have disbanded the Rocketeers, but duty cannot be set aside so easily.

A deadly cabal of nobles and clergy threaten to usurp Her Majesty Queen Marie-Hélène’s throne and hand Gallia over to Pope Regulus IV, and the Rocketeers now work from the shadows to protect the queen from threats both foreign and domestic. Foreign spies and papal agents lurk in every shadow as the trap draws ever closer.

A laser-sharp blade and even sharper wits will serve you well as interstellar powers play the game of puppets and shadows. The fate of the crown is in your hands.

The Three Rocketeers requires Fate Coreto play. This 40-page supplement includes:

  • Rules for no-skill Fate, where aspects provide roll bonuses without invocation
  • Categorized aspect creation to help players create their characters quickly and get the most out of their invocations
  • A simple system to build flashy customized swordplay stunts
  • Conspiracy creation guidelines that integrate aspects and approaches to help direct the story
  • Ready-made characters based on the characters of Alexandre Dumas
  • A sample adventure: Battle for the Gallian Throne

The Three Rocketeers: All for one and one for all!

The Fate Adventures & Worlds line provides compact, rich, affordable, gorgeous settings with a ready-to-go adventure for GMs in a pinch. Buy one this afternoon, be ready to run this evening. 

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