Psychedemia – Fate World of Adventure

Psychedemia ist die neueste Fate Abenteuerwelt von Evil Hat. Mittlerweile gibt es schon 6 dieser  Settings als Download via Drive Thru. Wer die Katze nicht im Sack kaufen will kann in die Fate World of Adventure Reihe via Bezahl soviel du willst auch erstmal reinschnuppern.

Dazu heißt es:

Welcome to Delta Company. Follow orders and you’ll do fine.
Genetically advanced students at a psionic academy discover a mental realm inhabited by friendly but alien thought-forms in this Fate world of adventure by Paul Stefko. These beings teach the children to access deeper powers, and together they explore virtual worlds within their minds. But when the academy’s faculty learn of the realm, they seek to take control through force. Can the students save their alien friends? Can they convince their elders to live in peace? Or must they find a way to seal the realm off and themselves from it?
Psychedemia requires Fate Core to play. This 44-page supplement contains:
  • New rules for psychic aptitudes and stunts.
  • System ideas on adventuring in different realms or dimensions with different natural laws.
  • Sample alien races to get you started—and a basic structure with which to create your own.
  • Characters, locations, NPCs and a basic structure for a starter adventure.
Psychedemia. Your mind is a battlefield.

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