Slasher RPG

Mit Slasher bringt Higher Grounds Publishing das Slasher-Genre an den Spieltisch. Wer schon immer mal eine Runde à la Helloween, Nightmare on Elm Street oder eben Scream, nur um ein paar Prominente Vertreter zu nennen, spielen wollte sollte sich das kleine pdf mal zu Gemüte führen.

You are the Director.

You are the Survivor.

You are the Killer.

Have you ever wanted to direct your own slasher film? Do you ever watch horror movies and find yourself yelling at the screen trying to tell the survivors how stupid they are for running up the stairs instead of out the door? Do you ever side with the Killer in horror movies, critiquing their style and creativity?

Step into Slasher, a survival horror RPG powered by FATE. 

In Slasher, there are three main play modes. The Game Master plays as the Director, furnishing the plot, the setting and the supporting cast for the game. Then there are the Survivors, a group of hapless folks who find themselves having a very bad evening. You’ll even get to play as the Killer, thinking up creative ways to maim, disembowel and otherwise murder the Survivors.

Get ready for the bloodbath of the century with Slasher by Higher Grounds Publishing.

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