Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke veröffentlicht

Mit Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke haben Vigilance Press für Ihr Wuxia-Rollenspiel Tianxia einen neuen Quellenband veröffentlicht. Strife, Fire & Smoke führt Piraten und Räuber in das chinesische Setting ein und beschreibt den Süden.
Dazu heißt es:

Pirates and Triads and Leopards, Ahoy!

Tianxia: Blood, Silk & Jade brought Kung Fu to the Fate Core System… now Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke brings Pirates and Thieves to the world of Tianxia!

Tianxia is about to go South

Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke expands the world of Tianxia, detailing the two Southernmost povinces: Gaozhou and Guangzhou. From White Tiger Plateau to Jade Dragon Peak, discover new territories filled with adventure.

Triads, Pirates, and Cults

Discover new characters and factions whose Kung Fu skills are matched only by their hunger for power. Herein you will learn the secrets of the three triads, the Queen of Pirates, and the Devil Mirror Sect!

The Leopard Waits in Shadow

Prepare to master the new Leopard styles of Kung Fu. From Forest Leopard to Storm Leopard, many new options are available for Wuxia heroes. Test your might against our latest iconic hero, the daring pirate renegade Tian Fei!
Tianxia: Strife, Fire & Smoke is written by Jack Norris, with full-color art by series illustrator Dionysia Jones and regional map by Marco Morte. Designed to work with the Fate Core System!

Tianxia wächst und wächst. Hier ein kleiner Überblick:

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