Fear Factory

Nein es dreht sich nicht um die Industrial-Metaler Fear Factory, sondern um einen Hack für die jüngst erschienene Fate World of Adventure Uranium Chef. Der Masters of Umdaar Autor Dave Joria will mit diesem Hack zeigen, wie man Monster bastelt:

For the last few centuries, technology has stagnated in all fields but one: simulacrums. These puppet-like lifeforms, made with a mix of cybernetics and bioengineering, have been implemented in everything from combat to domestic work force. Most simulacrum factories focused on churning out realistic and pleasing simulacrums by the millions.

As far as we know, the malchemist Hag-Queen Zaggria was the first to pervert the technology to another purpose: making monsters. She created her own laboratory, called the Fear Factory, and used it to create a slow but steady stream of nightmarish horrors. Most of them were commissioned by conquerors, who magnified them in size and used them as weapons of war. Some of them were used in fiction- they were the starring villains in movies and neutrowave shows. It is rumored that the Hag-Queen Zaggria once spent a year on a monster for the sole purpose of scaring her brattish nephew into behaving. To Zaggria, all that matters is that the client pays up front, and that they’re satisfied with the result.

Now, Hag-Queen Zaggria has opened the doors to her laboratory, and will be training her replacement. With the support of Mongongo Studios, she is hosting her own reality TV show competition. Many applicants will apply, but only the season winner will be chosen (and receive the 4 billion space-buck prize). Can you win her favor by creating the most inspired monsters in the galaxy?
Who are the Player Characters?
The PCs are creative monster-makers from every corner of the galaxy. These include:
– Black-sorcery-wielding malchemists
– Mad scientists, teknolocks, and xeno-engineers.
– Disgraced doctors and unlicensed surgeons
– Disgruntled toymakers
– Haunted artists and puppeteers
– Special Effects and make-up experts (who now get to make the real thing!)

Luckily, the creators have plenty of android helpers to help with the science and dark magic; thus, even a shaman from a backwater planet with no experience with technology can create an impressive cyborg monster. The hardest part is supplying the vision!

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