Fractured Skies

A long time ago, the world was whole. Then the Endbringers came.

Fractured Skies is a spiritual sequel to Inverse World Accelerated. The world of the Skies was almost destroyed by men who learned how to kill the gods themselves, and the survivors are rebuilding civilization on the islands left behind.

It’s not easy going—resources are tight, the most precious resource is a metal mined from the husks of the dead gods, and the bird-folk of the ascendant Apex Empire will try to crush anyone who threatens their dominance. But you have the freedom to travel the Skies. You can explore, trade, and meet the cultures that still eke out an existence in this world. And maybe you can give them hope.

Fractured Skies is a third-party Fate book, and needs Fate Core to play. Inside, you can find:

  • An overview of the Fractured Skies setting and its themes
  • job system with 16 archetypes to choose from. Weave magic spells as an Arcanist, protect the remaining temples with sword and coin as a Templar, or just pass through as a Tourist
  • Rules for creating cultures (based on Fate Codex work by Quinn Murphy) and islands, including random tables
  • A host of example encounters, from predatory Dropbears to land-hating Muraenid to the Endbringers themselves
  • Six sample characters

This is our home now. Might as well make the best of it.

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