Thoughts on Fate: A Collection of Essays on the Fate RPG

Randy Oest der Man hinter der – zu Recht – hochgelobten Website hat ein Essay auf DriveThru veröffentlicht das sich mit folgenden Themen beschäftigt:

Thoughts on Fate is a collection of essays that cover a wealth of topics about the Fate roleplaying game. Inside you’ll find the following articles:
  • A Few Random Tips for Running Long Fate Games
  • Recap Aspects
  • Circumstantial PC Aspects
  • How to Handle Missing Players in a Fate Campaign
  • Cinematic Initiative
  • The Disposable PC
  • Tiered Opponents
  • How I Setup a Junkyard Boss Fight
  • Martial Magic
  • Trickery Magic
  • Arcane Mechanics, the McGuyvers of the Modern Magical World
  • Fate Pickup Game — Save the Ghostbusters

All of the content here originally appeared on the blog of Randy Oest, the person behind the Fate SRD website.

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