Deck of Fate in den App-Stores

Gerade hat Evil Hat seinen Newsletter verschickt. In diesem heißt es:

Evil Hat is entering the digital age! (Okay, so we were here already, but it sounded impressive.) We’re proud to announce the launch of the Deck of Fate app in conjunction with our partners at Hidden Achievement. Now you can embrace your Fate on your phone/tablet/robot servitor/et cetera. Customize your decks and build separate skill profiles for each character. Maintain a hand, or draw one at a time. Use the infinite deck feature to get all the pizzazz of the Deck of Fate with the steady randomness of Fate Dice. The app is available on the iTunes store, Google Play, and Amazon.

Die Deck of Fate App ist also Live. Ich besorg mir das gute Stück und werde sicher das ein oder andere Wort hier fallen lassen.

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