Venture Citys

Evil Hat planen einen Kickstarter für 2016 in dem das ein oder andere Produkt, statt digitaler Ausgabe in gedruckter Form erscheinen soll. Nun hat George Pitre in der G+ Community genauer nachgefragt. Dort kann man unter anderem erfahren das Venture City Stories (Cyberpunk-Superhero-Crossover) als Venture City erscheinen soll. Dahinter verbirgt sich die redaktionelle Aufarbeitung des via Patreon erscheinenden Venture City Powers und Venture City Stories zu einem Produkt. Venture City Powers ist das Quellenbuch rund um neue Kräfte.

Venture City Powers (by Brian Engard & Ed Turner): A follow-up resource for Venture City Stories, this supplement will detail a bunch of pre-built powers and power suites for use with the system and setting.

Im O-Ton heißt es dazu:

Jim Nicholson
Don’t worry +Fred Hicks​, no doubt I’ll mend my broken heart and find some pretext to love you again. On a more serious note, I do have one question that I hope to see answered in the Kickstarter FAQ when it launches: will Venture City simply compile the text of Venture City Stories and Venture City Powers in sequential order, or will it blend them as a more-or-less seamless whole?

Fred Hicks
+Jim Nicholson It’s a blend. Powers and Stories as separate releases work just fine, but there’s some drift between Stories and Powers (as well as some overlap) that needed to be reconciled in order to put it into a form that works as a single book. Thankfully we had +Joshua Yearsley (Editor Extraordinaire) for that. :)

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