Puppet Heresy

Mit unserem italienischen Partner Dreamlord Press teilen wir uns die Illustrationen für Fate Core, Turbo-Fate und das Fate-Handbuch. Der umtriebige Verlag hat neben Evolution Pulse noch ein paar interessante Settings anzubieten. Heute gab es eine Pressemitteilung dazu:


Hi folks,

While hard at work on the definitive translation of Evolution Pulse (http://drivethrurpg.com/product/169344/Evolution-Pulse-preview-2?term=evolution+pulse), we’re also working on a second project:

Puppet Heresy (currently an Alpha version) is a Role Playing Game based on Fate Accelerated.
This game was initially released in Italian (here’s the original version http://drivethrurpg.com/product/137968/Puppet-Heresy), authored and illustrated by +Claudio Casini  built on different, more traditional mechanics.
What we’re doing with this project is not just to convert the material to English, but also rewrite the game for Fate Accelerated. This is more than just a translation: as we go over the original material, we don’t just switch language. We edit, cut, expand, improve; and we dig under the hood to tune the system to work at the best with Fate Accelerated.
+Davide Pignedoli, already with us for City of Judas, is taking on the author’s responsabilities, while +Claudio Casini will still be on the Artistic side.

We’re opening the Alpha Playtest today, closing it hopefully on March 20, 2016.
If you’re interested, leave a note at info(AT)dreamlordpress.it, and we’ll send all the alpha material you’ll need.

A brief description:

Thousands of years have passed since humans, an almost legendary species that populated the planet, are gone extinct. Earth, now commonly named Scrapland, is the reign of Puppets.
The original Puppets were the product of an alien technology, created by the mysterious Matrixes, large metallic and spherical devices programmed to give life to Puppets. The purpose of the original Puppets was, in fact, to wipe out the human race. Once the task had been completed, the aliens recovered the Matrixes, and the original surviving Puppets, and disappeared. What they left behind was a ruined planet, wakened by the previous human exploitation and reduced to wasteland.
A century later, new Puppets began to appear on Scrapland. Some Matrixes, hijacked by humans during the brief, desperate and futile resistance against aliens, were loaded with chunks of human DNA. Other Wild Matrixes, in every remote corner of the world, originally programmed to build Puppets using any available resource (animal DNA, plants, rocks etc.), were left behind the aliens, that considered them destroyed.
These Matrixes started to work again, activated by lightning storms that scourge the planet. New forms of life began to emerge.
A new life
Hijacked Matrixes and Wild Matrixes work in a similar way: they mix organic and inorganic material according to complex algorithms, originally defined by aliens and modified by the adaptation process of the Matrix. The result is the production of new forms of living creatures.
The Hijacked Matrixes are giving birth to Puppets: they are as close to humans as it gets, now. But they’re not human; their DNA is a mixture of alien technology, human and animal DNA, mixed perhaps with other elements. Perhaps as programmed, perhaps because of the influence of their human part, Puppets have begun to rebuild a sort of civilization here on Scrapland. The Hijacked Matrixes are called also simply Matrixes, and they work now under the supervision of Puppets.
The Wild Matrixes, on the other hand, are completely out of control. Some of them also incorporate human DNA, but more often just mix scraps of alien DNA and local components, sometimes in really, really crazy ways. These Wild Matrixes give birth to Wild Creatures: some of them relatively harmless, but most of them with an instinct to kill and destroy.

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