Divine Instruments for Fate Quellenbuch für Part-Time Gods of Fate

Für Part-Time Gods of Fate ist nun das erste Quellenbuch erschienen. Darin dreht sich alles um heilige Relikte, Artefakte und was der gemeine Gott sonst so mit sich rumschlepptum seine göttlichkeit zu untermauern.

Being a god isn’t always easy, but having the right tool for the job sure can help. Divine Instruments of Fate, the first sourcebook for Part-Time Gods of Fate, offers you those tools. Whether it’s the Horn of Plenty, Mask of Many Faces, or the Timepiece of Chronos, you’ll find relics aplenty to help you in your godly endeavors.

Of course, every god needs to have followers and places of worship, and Divine Instruments of Fate details these options for your characters. Improve your territory with temples, shrines and sanctums and fill them with worshipers to enhance your power. These rules will add new dimensions (sometimes literally) to your characters and your games.

Your new tools are now more versatile than ever.

Pick up your Divine Instruments of Fate today from DriveThruRPG.

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