Baroque Space Opera

Gespannt habe ich auf das erscheinen von Baroque Space Opera gewartet und heute ist es soweit.
Dune meets Farscape meets Metabarone und das ganze mit Fate Core Unterbau. Aber macht Euch selbst ein Bild:


Enter a fantastic universe beyond time and space. A universe filled with strange technology, stranger cultures, exotic locations, and incredible danger.

The known universe is ruled by the immortal Tyrant and his oppressive 149,000 year regime. Genetically-engineered, flesh-and-blood Pharisto gods rule over humanity and alien alike. Biological minds whose intellect approaches that of machines, shape-shifting genetic clones in search of individuality, and atomic-scale clockwork mechanicals given sentience are just some of its denizens.

Enemies within and without plot to bring down the eternal Dominion. Interdimensional invaders lurk beyond space and time, plotting their next incursion. Unfathomable aliens stalk humanity, corrupting and enslaving their victims for strange purposes. Once more, the rebellious machines, betrayers of humanity, threaten to escalate the millennium-old cold war. Meanwhile, the Pharisto houses further their schemes, eyeing the Tyrantine Throne of the golden planet, Baroque, for themselves.

Grab your energy projector and activate your shunt shield. Voidship fleets are moving into position. The pieces are falling into place. Which side will you choose? Will you enforce the will of the Tyrant to ensure the stoic Dominion endures for another hundred millennia, or will you become an Arch Heretic to tear down this suffocating and corrupt regime? The choice is yours.

The Baroqueverse awaits.

Baroque Space Opera is a complete setting for use with Fate Core; it requires a copy of Fate Core to play.

If you are a fan of Dune, The Metabarons, Star Gate, Lexx, Farscape, and the Ancient Astronaut Theory, you will enjoy the Baroqueverse.

What you will find inside:

  • More setting, less rules.
  • A detailed treatise on the Dominion of the Tyrant.
  • The incredible technologies of the Baroqueverse.
  • 63 exotic locations that are packed with plot hooks.
  • Over 20 character archetypes to choose from.
  • Prana psychic powers mechanic.
  • Nanotechnological Dust technology that is indistinguishable from magic.
  • A Wealth mechanic.
  • Navigating the virtual realm that is the Pattern.
  • Beneficial Things mechanic for gear, companions, vehicles, and everythng else.
  • Voidships mechanic for creating starships and using them in your games.
  • Plenty of pre-generated adversaries, voidships, and equipment.
  • A map of the Baroqueverse.

More information is available at the development blog.

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One comment

  • Pierre Savoie 3. Mai 2016   Reply →

    Everyone should buy this! It is a fabulous setting from the future. Technology is so advanced it becomes like magic, but you do not need to have technical knowledge to discuss it. It is a good adaptation of the Fate rules.
    —(I am hopeful that this computer translation is accurate:)
    Jeder sollte diese kaufen! Es ist eine fantastische Kulisse aus der Zukunft. Die Technologie ist so weit fortgeschritten, es wie Magie wird, aber Sie brauchen keine technischen Kenntnisse zu haben, um es zu diskutieren. Es ist eine gute Anpassung der Fate Regeln.

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