Full Moon RPG Details

Dom hat ja eben schon auf das Kickstarter-Projekt „Full Moon RPG“ hingewiesen. Mich hat natürlich interessiert, was denn das „schlanke“ FATE so bedeuten soll – also hab ich schnell mal nachgefragt und Paul Stefko hat auch gleich geantwortet:

  1. Reducing the skill list to a few broad skills, but allowing specializations in those skills that raise the bonus for more specific actions. For example, there is a single Fighting skill, but you could specialize in Firearms, Blades, or Grappling to improve in specific kinds of combat.
  2. Eliminating stress as the pacing mechanic in conflicts. Instead, a character is taken out if the attacker achieves spin on his attack roll. (Spin is achieved when the roll succeeds with three or more shifts.) Consequences no longer reduce stress but add to the defender’s roll retroactively, reducing the attacker’s shifts. Attacks that do not achieve spin still generate a temporary advantage, granting the attacker a bonus in the next round.

If you go to the Kickstarter page and look at the first update, I provided a PDF of the Basics chapter which outlines the core of the rules. It should give a good idea of the broad stroke of what I’m doing with the system.

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