Free FATE v0.4 [eng] veröffentlicht

Die Fate InkarnationFree FATE wurde in einer neuen Version im Downloadbereich von UK Roleplayers hochgeladen. Wer nicht ständig die Yahoo group verfolgen will, oder sich dort anmelden möchte ist hier besser aufgehoben. Zu den Änderungen heißt es:

The biggest changes are the introduction of the Ally stunt template and the Gadget and Universal Gadget sample stunts.

The full list of changes is:

  • Amended Mediocre (+0) & Average (+1) Lifting values.
  • Added an Extreme Consequence entry to the Engineering skill repair table.
  • Added the Ally stunt template and updated affected sections including removal of some now redundant sample stunts (Contact, Close Contacts, Minions).
  • Clarified that Minions cannot take Consequences and normally neither can Companions.
  • Update and additions to Advances section, now for Minions as well as Companions.
  • Updated the Sample Minions & Sample Companions.
  • Added Damaging Equipment section.
  • Added the Gadget & Universal Gadget sample stunts.
  • Amendment History changed to What’s Changed?
  • General formatting and structure changes plus minor text edits to allow page count to remain at 48.

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