Blood On The Trail – eine neue Fate Abenteuerwelt

Diesen Monat ziehen Evil Hat in Richtung Westen, genauer gesagt in den Wilden Westen. Aber es wäre nicht Evil Hat, gäbe es hier nicht einen Twist – Vampire! Also ein Western im Stil von Wes Craven und nicht von Clint Eastwood. Zu Blood on the Trail heißt es:


Travel in the Wild West is dangerous, but the danger’s even worse than anticipated. The land is infested with vampires.
As settlers begin pushing into the unexplored territories on their way to California, they discover the truth about why the Native American tribes have gone quiet: the wilds have become infested with creatures who feast on blood. Your explorers must deal with the expected problems of weather, sickness, wild animals and deprivation. Then, during the night, they must worry about being stalked by undead. American Vampire meets Oregon Trail in this Fate World of Adventure by Shoshana Kessock.

Blood on the Trail requires Fate Core to play. This 52-page supplement contains:

  • An alternative, vampire-infested Wild West history to provide background for your game
  • A variety of vampire types and system rules for vampirism in Fate
  • New ideas on using maps as a campaign planning and gameplay tool
  • Rules for creating a wagon train and setting out on Wild West adventure
  • Rules for turning and playing vampires in Fate
  • A sample adventure: Seven Brides for Seven Vampires

The Wild West is full of danger. And vampires.

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