Leaves of Chiaroscuro Fate Quickstart

Materialuebersicht-Leaves-of-ChiaroscuroVon Bennett-Burks Design kommt mit Leaves of Chiaroscuro ein Schnellstartregelwerk, das zugleich als Spieltestregelwerk herhält. Mitte 2016 soll es dann soweit sein und die Hintergundwelt soll veröffentlicht werden.
Weiterführende Infos gibt es auf der Website.
Hier die Beschreibung:

Asiyah, a fantastic alternate earth, has entered the Renaissance Age, the Age of Exploration. Ancient philosophies are rediscovered and from them new ones are born. New lands are explored. With the printing press and other inventions, society will be changed forever.

Yet, demons and other creatures from realities beyond Asiyah stalk the world. The wonders of ancient civilizations sometimes hold long forgotten terrors and dark secrets within their crumbling walls.

Included in this document is:

A preview for the upcoming Renaissance setting for usage with the Fate RPG, with a focus on Italy.

All the rules you need to get started playing in the setting.

5 player species complete with new stunts.

An improvisational magic system.

An introduction to the Renaissance setting of Asiyah.

And more!

    Player species include

Humans, the elder race who now dominate the world.

Lacerta, the shapeshifting scions of the dragon gods.

Nephilim, born of forbidden unions between humans and the angelic grigori.

Apeiron, children of the four elements and four humours, born of an alchemical experiment.

Therion, chimerical beings blessed by Echnidna.


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