The Spirit of the Laundry Abenteuergenerator

Falls jemand meine VerFATEung des Laundry RPGs, The Spirit of the Laundry, spielen sollte (oder, trotz dieser fantastischen Alternative das Original), der wird den automatischen Abenteuergenerator zu schätzen wissen, der solche tollen Abenteuer erzeugt. Sogar mit kursiven Aspekten!

///— Clearance STALKER VOID ARCHER Eyes Only —/// The characters‘ mission is to go to target location and look around for anything unusual – the characters are not told anything more. The operation will occur in a cave. The characters must deal with another department that wants the characters to fail (to score political points). Eventually, it becomes apparent that this is a deliberate attack on the Laundry. The characters are walking into big trouble. Predictive Branch warns that a(the) character(s) may be placed in a position of unexpected authority because the boss has gone missing. The overall situation is writhing and pallid.

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