Regelprüfer für Wearing the Cape: The Archon Files

Im Zuge des Crowdfundings zu Wearing the Cape RPG wurde auch das rein als PDF erscheinende Quellenbuch The Archon Files gefundet. Für dieses Quellenbuch sucht nun Author Marion G. Harmon Regelprüfer.
Aber kurz zur Erklärung was sind die Archon Files:

In my most recent book, Team-Ups and Crossovers, Astra did what all superheroes seem to do sooner or later; wander into other worlds and make interesting new friends or meet interesting variations on old ones. One of the stories, Astra Gets Grrl Power, was a collaboration between me and Dave Barrack, writer of the smart and funny Grrl Power online comic. Astra got to meet Halo, Maxima, and other members of Arc-SWAT, the „superhero“ field team of Archon, at a comic convention. Hilarity and property damage ensued. My fans loved it. Dave’s fans loved it.

Continuing our partnership, Dave and I have decided to create a special sourcebook, PDF only, giving background  and WtC:RPG stats for the Arc-SWAT team and some of the villains of their world. It will feature Maxima, Halo, and the rest of the team, as well as background and stats for Archon as an organization, background on Halo’s world (from the point of view of Astra and later agents who „surveyed“ the alternate reality), entries on every named character, and whatever other goodies Dave and I can think to throw in.

Wearing the Cape: The Archon Files will be a sourcebook using the same format as Barlow’s Guide and The B-Files. Its characters will be fully compatible with WtC:RPG rules and the characters given in the gamebook and other sourcebooks, with enough information for players who wish to campaign exclusively in Dave’s excellent superhero world or just launch crossover adventures of their own.

Nun ruft Marion aber aus einem ganz bestimmten Grund dazu auf ihn bei den Regeln zu unterstützen:

I have decided that the sourcebook will have a two-part format; the first part will give WtC:RPG character stats for the heroes, and the second part will present their character stats in straight Fate Core design. WtC:RPG is a pretty significant Fate hack, but this will make the Archon heroes playable with straight Fate Core.

In the process of doing this, I’ve pulled together a 7-page supplement for designing superhero characters on Fate Core, that will go in the sourcebook. I need a few readers who have tinkered extensively with Fate Core to look it over and tell me if I’m missed anything or gone off the rails.

Erreichen kann man Marion über diesen Aufruf, über Facebook oder die offizielle Wearing the Cape Website.

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